Vitajte v detskom klube Sasanka

The Story of Sasanka

Sasanka is the Slovak expression for anemone, a likeable creature that lives in warm seas. Its appearance varies from hundreds of shapes and can come in every color imaginable. Similarly to us, it hates chlorine, phosphates and phthalates. In fact, it is downright allergic to them. That is the reason why you should not be looking for it in public swimming pools. It chooses its company very carefully – it appreciates the presence of small fish. Its best friend is the clownfish, with which it lives in delightful synergy. They feed and protect each other.

Our Sasanka is not from the realms of stories and dreams. Even though we would like it to be so… that you would always feel like a child that entered a world of new adventures every time you enter our children’s club. Coming May we offer all year round courses of baby swimming, for parents with children 3 months from preschool age and older. A maximum limit of 4 children per swimming session is a guarantee of an extremely personal and individual approach to teaching, while also providing a micro group for the child to socialize with. Four naughty, lively fishes are just about enough.

Under one roof. While in Sasanka, your maternity-leave vacation becomes an actual vacation. Besides the baby swimming courses, we offer much more: Finnish sauna, children’s gym for exercising fine and gross motor skills, children’s dancing lessons in a large dance hall, prenatal yoga courses, and post-birth caring of mothers. A large terrace and a children’s playground will be open during summer months.

All of that in a comfortable, safe environment located in a quiet villa suburb, which is easily accessible from the city center as well as peri-urban areas. An interior swimming pool containing heated sea water with a view at the forest park – a fully equipped and generous establishment. Separate lavatories, showers, dressing rooms, an acclimatization salon with a children’s corner playground and a bar for light snacks. Since we are preppies, we also specifically focused on wholesomeness. Ranging from building modifications, material selection and furnishing, to the selection of snacks. Including titbits and gluten free diet food from the courtyard bio bakery.

Enter the world of Sasanka and be demanding – we look forward with you towards a sea of pure experiences.

Activities in Sasanka

Sasanka swims

In sea water in a playful and nonviolent manner, under the supervision of an experienced instructor, your child will learn how to move naturally, with confidence and without fear.  

Sasanka exercises

Generous and safe facilities, certified equipment, and experienced and qualified trainers, who adapt movement lessons according to your child’s development and age. Experience the progress of your child in person.

Sasanka snaps

Our professional photographer has a keen eye for capturing moments and a responsive lens, which captures all of you child’s adventures – above and under water, as well as moments in the relaxation zone or children’s snack bar. Photo stories, video, portrait photos…

Prenatal yoga

You are expecting the most beautiful experience of your life and do not know which type of exercising is correct for you? Prenatal yoga is the way, the path to maintaining your figure throughout your pregnancy while gaining inner peace.

Get to know our team

Kind, charming, always helpfull… Experienced instructors, competent child psychologists and trainers. Friends of mothers, able and willing to provide “first aid” during any situation. We know what we’re talking about, we checked them out – our daughter tested their patience out on dry ground as well as in the water.

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Sasanka is continuously tweaking, arranging, and working hard to improve itself. We thank you for every question, suggestion and observation towards our common path to making the best children’s club in the city.